Velocity Innovation Centers

‘Velocity’ is the Fulton Schools’ newest initiative with a focus on 5 research areas having significant growth potential for ASU and for the greater metropolitan Phoenix region.

1FSE engineers are inventing new wearable technologies, from wrist monitors that take your blood pressure to a necklace that tackles insomnia.

2Partnering with industry, our engineers are increasing the capability of “things” that connect to each other, while tackling barriers to Internet of Things adoption in cost, interoperability, integration and manageability.

3The prospect of robots interacting with humans is very real; research in artificial intelligence, data management, and human-machine interface are just some areas that support our focus on robotics and automation, in which the goal is for society to benefit from the best of both worlds.

4In a 2017 survey of 1,500 companies, 95 percent said water is important to help grow business and the Arizona economy. Our faculty and students are working with the manufacturing and energy sectors, as well as businesses and consumers to reduce water waste, optimize water use, and innovate water technologies aimed at preserving this precious natural resource.

5The road to renewable energy lies in not just harnessing Arizona’s abundant sunshine, but also leveraging the wealth of engineering talent and expertise housed in ASU’s QESST center, an NSF – Engineering Research Center, dedicated to state-of-the-art solar energy and photovoltaic technologies.

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Check out the Engineering Special issue of ASU Thrive to learn more about Velocity and other Fulton Schools efforts in research, discovery, and education.

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