Make sure your proposal is set to succeed with the help of the Engineering Research Office’s editing and graphic support services.

Editing Services

Our editing services include:

  • Editing for style and language on the technical narrative, support letters, facilities descriptions, CVs, etc.
  • Formatting per proposal guidelines
  • Reviewing against solicitation guidelines
  • Editing to create a proposal-specific writing style
  • Synthesizing multiple author content to ensure a single voice

You may qualify for free editing services if you meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • Proposal is for $500K or more
  • Proposals is for $250K or more (for assistant professors)
  • Applying for an Early/Young Investigator grant (for assistant professors)

In addition we offer editing services on one journal publication per year for assistant professors.

Graphic Support Services

Graphics support involves working with a graphic designer to create quality art and images that represent your ideas and concepts for inclusion in the proposal.

The following proposals qualify for graphics support services:

  • All Early/Young Investigator proposals
  • Proposals for $1 million or more (for all faculty)

Check with a Research Advancement staff member to find out what levels of costs for graphics support services are covered.

Customized Support

The Engineering Research Office also provides custom support to large proposal and program management. This service has helped secure several successful multimillion dollar proposals and follow-up program

Please contact Stacy Esposito or your Research Administrator (RA) to see if the grant you are applying for qualifies for these or other services.