As technology develops at a faster rate, there is a growing need to develop engineering systems to keep people and infrastructure secure, including securing cyberspace, developing secure communications, identifying, monitoring and reducing threats and developing self-healing systems that are resilient to attack. Our researchers are addressing issues of national defense, homeland security, border security, cyber warfare and more—devising technology solutions as well as legal, policy and social implications.

Security and defense systems, advanced materials and flexible systems are core research areas at Arizona State University. This breadth of knowledge is leveraged within a university-wide framework in the Global Security Initiative which includes coordinated research activities such as the DHS Center for Excellence – CAOE, Center for Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics, and the DARPA Working Group, among others.

Research News

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Research foci

  • Biosecurity
  • Information assurance
  • Production logistics
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Sensors and signal processing
  • Flexible electronics
  • Power grid management and stability
  • Adaptive and intelligent materials
  • High performance computing simulations
  • Emergency response

Research centers