The urgency to discover and deploy new forms of carbon-reducing energy technologies has become an irrefutable part of our economic and environmental landscape. Our research in renewable and alternative energy sources is multifaceted with efforts in solar and photovoltaic energy, biotechnology, low- and high-power energy storage, power electronics, electric power system, batteries and hydrogen fuel cells.

Arizona State University is the lead institution on a new NSF-DOE funded Engineering Research Center, Quantum Energy and Sustainable Solar Technologies, focused on novel photovoltaic technology development, commercialization and education. QESST builds on our established expertise and strong industry partnerships in renewable energy.

From development of next-generation materials to strategies for transformation of the power grid system, our researchers are at the forefront of innovation in energy generation and delivery.


Research News

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Research foci

  • Power and energy systems

  • Solid state electronics and integrated circuits

  • Semiconductor devices and materials

  • Sensors and control systems

  • Wireless and mixed-signal circuits

  • Electomagnetic fields and waves

  • Photovoltaics and solar energy

  • Power grid management and stability

  • Electrical energy storage

  • Thermal energy storage and conversion

  • Energy production separations

Research centers