In our increasingly digital world, growth of personal data has spawned societal issues of privacy, safety, and accuracy. We are rapidly moving towards an environment where everything is connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) and where somebody is collecting data and analyzing it to learn more about us. The thrust behind this theme is to devise innovative approaches and tools that will help us better process, analyze, use, manage, and access this data in ways that protect and enhance individual safety and privacy.

Our faculty and students are developing new computational tools, algorithms, and data analysis techniques, including hardware and software approaches, to advance scientific discoveries and collaborations across multiple fields where data use and capture is ubiquitous, such as cybersecurity, digital currency, healthcare, mobile devices, autonomous vehicles, spread of disease, and IoT, to name a few.

An important focus under this theme is educating the next generation of students that is equipped with the knowledge to translate real-world phenomena into sound data-driven approaches and applications. Our labs, research centers, industry partnerships, and public/private sector collaborations offer an excellent training ground for such an endeavor, producing a skilled data workforce for the future.

Research News

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Research foci:

  • Database management and Information retrieval
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Data mining and machine learning
  • Multimedia data processing
  • Health informatics
  • Block chain technology
  • Social and media analysis
  • Data forensics
  • Data analytics and architecture
  • Cybersecurity research and education