Engineering | Research Services

Not all projects and PIs will want or need support in all areas. The level of involvement will be discussed with the PI and modified as needed to meet the changing needs of the proposal and project efforts. Here are some ways that we can support your program:

Proposal/pre-award phase

    • Identify proposal opportunities
    • Identify teaming partners (internal & external)
    • Coordinate proposal preparation (meetings, calls, etc)
    • Define and track proposal schedule and task assignments
    • Develop merit review matrix
    • Draft proposal sections (e.g., management plan, data plan, post-doc plan, education plan, IP plan, facilities, abstract, introduction, personnel, etc.)
    • Review/develop workplan within technical proposal (tasks, milestones, go/no-go points, gantt chart, etc)
    • Provide “technical layperson” input to technical sections
    • Conduct background research to fill holes
    • Ensure budget aligns with project goals/tasks
    • Provide /coordinate technical editing services and graphics support
    • Coordinate with subcontractors regarding technical sections of proposals
    • Draft and coordinate letters (e.g., President’s office, Directors, Dean, industry)
    • Interface with Research Advancement Staff to ensure on-time review and submittal of proposal documents

Project Execution Phase

    • Assist with post-submission, pre-award activities (e.g., scope/budget negotiations with sponsor)
    • Interface with Research Advancement staff regarding sub-award setup
    • Define tasks and milestones
    • Conduct risk analysis
    • Prepare project schedule
    • Coordinate and facilitate meetings
    • Track sponsor reporting metrics (budget, scope, etc.)
    • Interface Research Advancement staff regarding financial reporting to the sponsor
    • Interface with sponsor on programmatic (budget, schedule) matters
    • Monitor sub-award technical progress 
    • Develop staffing plans
    • Provide project guidance on expenses (personnel and ODCs)
    • Draft progress reports for review by technical team

Please contact your Research Administrator (RA) to see if the grant you are applying for qualifies for these or other services.