Proposal Support

The Engineering Research Office offers a range of free support services for faculty proposal submission. Below are details on the pre-award proposal support services we offer. To see if your proposal qualifies and which service is best suited for your proposal development needs, please contact your Research Administrator (RA).


All grant proposals worth $1M or more and all Early Career/Young Investigator awards are eligible for editing support. You can request support by checking the relevant box in the Proposal Intake Form or by emailing Daniel Froid directly. This service includes editing for grammar, clarity, logic, and organization; reviewing the document against solicitation guidelines; and editing letters of support and other supplementary documents (as time/availability permit). All submissions and edits are treated as confidential. 

Assistant professors also qualify for free editing of one journal publication per year. Contact Daniel Froid if interested.

Graphic Design Support

All grant proposals worth $1M or more and all Early Career/Young Investigator awards are eligible for graphic design support. Graphics support involves working with a graphic designer to create quality art and images of ideas and concepts to include in the proposal. Please review the guidelines here to learn more about what levels of costs are covered and contact your Research Administrator.

Letters of Support

Need a letter of support or commitment from Fulton Schools leadership? We can help. ORIEN works with FSE leadership and Deans to secure letters of support and commitment for proposals to funding agencies.

Note: Requests must be received at least 10 days prior to the sponsor deadline.


  1. Determine whether a letter is required or recommended by the soliciting organization or funding agency.
  2. Identify who needs to sign your letter (e.g., Director, Vice Dean, Dean).
  3. Determine what the letter needs to illustrate (e.g., infrastructure support, cost sharing, goal alignment).
  4. Prepare a draft letter using this template.
  5. Send the draft letter (as a Word file), solicitation information (as a PDF), and any background documentation (e.g., cost-sharing approvals, facilities documents) to your Research Administrator (RA). Include a timeframe for when you need the letter returned.
  6. Your RA will contact ORIEN. ORIEN will review the letter and contact you with any clarifications or edits.
  7. Final drafts will be routed for signatures internally and returned upon completion.

To align with university procedure, Fulton Schools has modeled these processes on those put forth by Knowledge Enterprise’s Research Development team.