Proposal Support

The Engineering Research Office offers a range of free of cost proposal management, editing, and graphics design support services for faculty proposal submission.

In addition, we offer a project management service, which covers both pre-award and proposal execution phases. For more information on this service, visit our project management site.

Below are details on the pre-award proposal support services we offer. To see if your proposal qualifies and which service is best suited for your proposal development needs, please contact your Research Administrator (RA).

Proposal Management

For faculty pursuing strategic funding opportunities with a value greater than or equal to $1M: We offer a range of capabilities designed to lessen the burden of proposal development on the PI. Our Proposal Manager will work with the PI and the RA to develop and refine competitive submissions.

You can choose the level of proposal management that works best for your project and our services are free of cost. Here are some ways we can support your program:

  • Identify and assess proposal opportunities
  • Identify internal and external teaming partners
  • Develop a proposal schedule and manage task or writing assignments
  • Prepare a compliance matrix to track development of required sections
  • Draft proposal sections (e.g. Executive Summary, Management Plan, Data Management Plan, Postdoctoral Researcher Mentoring Plan, Biosketches, etc.)
  • Review, refine, and edit the technical proposal
  • Draft and coordinate letters (e.g., President’s Office, Directors, Dean, industry)
  • Coordinate graphics support
  • Conduct background research
  • Coordinate requests for ASU/FSE data points (e.g. numbers of students, diversity, graduation/retention rates, etc.)
  • Schedule content reviews and internal deadlines
  • Ensure the budget aligns with project goals/tasks
  • Review proposal against sponsor merit evaluation criteria
  • Interface with Research Advancement staff to ensure on-time review and submittal of proposal documents to ORSPA and sponsor

This service includes line-by-line editing and proofreading technical narrative, reviewing against solicitation guidelines, editing support letters, facilities descriptions, etc., and identifying resources for proposal narrative sections.

Assistant professors also qualify for free editing of one journal publication per year. Contact Daniel Froid if interested.

Graphics Design Support

The following qualify for graphics support services:

  • All Early/Young Investigator solicitations 
  • Proposals for $1 million or more (for all faculty)

Check with a Research Advancement staff member to find out what levels of costs for graphics support services are covered.

Graphics support involves working with a graphic designer to create quality art and images of ideas and concepts to include in the proposal.

Please contact your Research Administrator (RA) to see if the grant you are applying for qualifies for these or other services.