Faculty Resources

Data Management Plan

Evaluation Plan

  • University Office of Evaluation and Educational Effectiveness (UOEEE)
    UOEEE is uniquely positioned to provide evaluation assistance and/or to serve in an independent evaluation capacity for externally funded programs and grants or for internal evaluation efforts. UOEEE develops evaluation plans, designs research and evaluation instruments, collects quantitative and qualitative data, analyzes results and provides high quality reports to clients.
  • College Research and Evaluation Services Team (CREST)
    Gain a competitive edge in your proposal, project, or grant application. CREST engages ASU researchers and the local community in the evaluation and research process from start to finish. The services provided include writing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plans for grant proposals, framing evaluation questions, creating evaluation plans and research designs, implementing data collection, analyzing data, interpreting results, and disseminating the findings.


National Science Foundation (NSF)

National Institute of Health (NIH)

Department of Defense

The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA)

Department of Energy (DOE)

Advanced Research Project Agency – Energy (ARPA-e)